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Norman Shakes

January 1945 - November 2017

Norman Shakes passed away November 2017.

Norman worked at Cognito & JCS since 2000.

We sent an email out informing all our customers of the sad news...

We knew it, but the response brought home just how amazing the guy was...

All at FiLOS Software thank you for your kind responses at this difficult time.

Please accept my sincere condolences for the loss of Norman. He was always cheerful and patient to help with queries and problems I am not doubt sure he will leave a big hole in your Team.

Oh goodness!!! Everyone here is very shocked and saddened by the news – he was a lovely man – our condolences to your team and his family.

Thank you for the email. We are all so sorry to hear this news and send our deepest condolences.

It is very sad to know that Norman is no longer with us. May his soul rest in perfect peace.

We are all incredibly sad to hear this news. Our thoughts are with his family and you all at Cognito at this sad time.

I am so sorry to read that Norman has died he has been a great help over the years and please my regards to his family. I will miss speaking to him he was a real gentleman and I had the opportunity to meet Norman when he was in the North East. So sorry for your sadness.

I cannot tell you how sad this news for me to receive. I have known Norman since 2007 and he was always happy and such a pleasure to speak with. I personally will miss speaking with him when I have my little problems. Please pass my condolences to his family.

I’m so sorry to hear that – Norman was very helpful to us and a really lovely chap. Please pass on our best wishes,

I am so sorry! I spoke to Norman on many occasions over the years – I never met him to put ‘faces to names’. Please pass on my deepest sympathy to your colleagues and to his family. Thinking of you all at this very sad time.

So very sorry to hear the sad news about Norman. I have had dealings with Norman for the best part of 16 years and he was always extremely helpful and patient with me!! I was aware that he was ill but I hadn’t realised the seriousness of his illness. Please kindly pass on my condolences to all your staff and to his family who must be devastated by his loss. I couldn’t had said it better, he was truly a lovely chap and I will definitely miss him. With my deepest condolences.

This is indeed sad news. Norman and I had a lovely connection and it was always a pleasure to speak with him. On behalf of #########, please pass on our deepest sympathy to his family. He will be missed enormously by everyone who knew him

I am so sad to hear this news and I will miss our little chats. Norman was a lovely man, so kind, cheerful and had all the time in the world for any problem I may have had. We would like to send a condolences card, would that be ok to send to you for his family?

I am so very sorry to hear the sad news about Norman. I didn’t realise he had been ill so it has come as quite a shock. He was a lovely man and he came to our Office at the start and got us underway with Cognito and Filos. We had many phone calls over the time and he would always sort the problems and leave us smiling afterwards with his wonderful sense of humour. He will be sadly missed

Thank you so much for informing us of Norman’s passing. He was a real credit to your company in that he always had time for a client and always had a cheery word to say. He made me smile and laugh in most of our calls. Please pass my sincere condolences to Norman’s family. With best wishes

Thank you for letting us know – that is very sad news indeed. I have dealt with Norman since I started here in 2001 and he did of course visit us only 3 months ago when we moved across to FiLOS and as such he became known to all of the staff here. We have occasionally had our differences over the year but always due to him telling me I wasn’t listening to / doing what he was telling me and of course he knew what he was talking about!! He will be greatly missed not only by me and my colleagues but I’m sure by you all and his family. He was always cheerful whenever I spoke to him and as such I have very good memories of him. Very best wishes and sympathy to you all and his family.

Oh my goodness me, that is so sad, I am so sorry. We had a fair few exchanges but understood one another, I really liked Norman. Thank you for letting us know. Thinking of you all.

That’s desperately sad. We all remember Norman here, even though it was some years ago when he came to upgrade us from Strongbox to Legal Ledger, and we were hoping to see him again recently when we upgraded from LL to FiLOS. We knew he was ill but did not realize it was life-threatening. We’re very sad indeed to hear this news. Please pass on our sincere condolences to his family and (no doubt many) friends.

Thank you for conveying the terribly sad news about Norman. Not only was he a good friend and Colleague to you all, but a true Ambassador for Cognito with endless patience and gentle ways in dealing with me and my Colleagues. I first came across Norman back in the days of Legal Ledger and Roger Jackson when we transferred to Legal Ledger in 2003, having previously been with Microtrial. The quite daunting prospect of changing from Legal Ledger to Filos in 2011 was made 100% more smooth by Norman visiting us on site and training us, with such a lovely relaxed approach. His kindness and humour on the phone to me when I had a query, always gave that call a chirpy approach, even though I had only phoned because I was stuck on something! It is difficult to express emotion in an e’mail but I would like to close by saying that Norman was a true gentleman and an absolute pleasure to deal with. I always rather hoped it would be Norman who picked up the phone when I called. I’m sure you will have endless messages along these lines but please if you can, pass my condolences to his son and extended family.

So very sorry to hear this news. I have very fond memories of Norman from pre Cognito days!

Sorry to hear that sad news. Thoughts go out to his family and friends.

Gosh, I am very sorry to hear this. I cannot remember a time when Norman was not around. I am sure you guys will miss him enormously. I wish you all my best wishes and condolences to his family.

So sorry to read that Norman has passed away - he was always a great help with our numerous queries and I am sure he is a great loss to you. Please pass my condolences to his family.

Thank you for your email. I was so sorry to learn of poor Norman's passing. I never met him, but spoke to him often, and he always had a lovely, gentle humorous manner. As you say, he had a huge knowledge of his subject and was always very helpful. I am very sad that I will no longer hear his lovely laid- back laconic voice again. We will all miss him. Please pass my condolences to his family.

Very sorry to hear that He was always very helpful Please convey our sincerest condolences to the family

really sorry to hear that about Norman. he was so helpful and a dry wit. please do pass my condolences to his family.

I did not know that Norman was ill. I am sure there are many messages in response to this very sad news. He was so supportive and helpful in my very earliest stumblings, coping with the cashier work and the Cognito system when I first started on my own nearly 7 years ago. He seemed to have infinite patience! I am sure he will be sorely missed. Please accept my sympathy for his family, friends and colleagues.

It is with great sadness we read your email and hear of your terrible news. Please accept my personal and company’s condolences – Norman was a pleasure to deal with and always made us smile. We are sending our warmest wishes to you all and his family – he will be missed.

We were extremely sorry to hear that Norman had sadly passed away. Over the years Norman guided us through both Legal Ledger and Filos. He was always very calm and patient, never minding having to repeat himself several times until we finally understood! We really appreciated his help. Please pass on our condolences to Norman’s family

Your news is received with great shock and deepest sadness. I have spoken to Norman many times during the last 10 years of working for this firm and always enjoyed our banter. He was one of the nicest men you could know and I felt privileged to have met him. Please pass on my most sincere condolences to his family.

I have only just received news from your email that Norman had been unwell. In fact, it was only last week I was thinking of Norman to make contact with him about a couple of issues I have with Legal Ledger. I am sure there will be someone else on hand. However, it is with sincere sadness and I am also sorry to hear the news about the unfortunate demise of Norman (your colleague), which has come as a bit of a shock. In fact, I was probably one that has not been able to put a 'face to the name' as my initial training sessions and subsequent enquires on occasions that I have had cause to make contact with Norman (or the Cognito team) have been by telephone and remotely. His wit and humour will surely be missed. Please accept both my deepest condolences for your loss and of course the loss suffered by Norman's family.

I am so shocked, deeply saddened and upset by this news. I feel that I got to know Norman really well over the last 10 years, he was such a great help to me from the moment I started here at #########. I had not realised he was quite so ill, we were looking forward to our next batch of training he was so patient and kind. Please pass my deepest sympathies to Carl, the team and his family. Please could you let me know the funeral arrangements in due course. We would like to send flowers or some other token if that was preferable. He will be very sadly missed, he was indeed a very special man.

Thank you for letting us know about Norman, this was a shock and he will be missed by me greatly. We used to have some good banter when I contacted your offices in my early days at Jordans and he was always a professional, helpful man. I will miss him.

We were deeply saddened to hear this. Norman was extremely popular here, always helpful and friendly and entirely unflappable.

That is very sad news. Norman was a character and a gentleman. We remember his visit to our office well when he oversaw our change from Legal Ledger to Filos. He will be sorely missed.

I would like to send a card, can you tell me where I should send this to?

Sorry to hear sad news I know Norman since April 2006 when he come to our office to train me Legal Ledger software He was a such nice polite gentle man He always helpful and had a great knowledge of software and he will be missed by myself and Jones & Duffin Staff

I am so sad to hear about Norman, he was a wonderful and lively human being always ready to help. Please accept my condolences.

I have to say I am absolutely gutted, he has supported me over many years when I took on my new role and he was always helpful and loved speaking to him not just about work but about his family life as well. When we had a training day once Norman came down and we took him over the pub and had a great lunch with him. Thinking of his family and work colleagues at this very sad time.

Very sorry to hear the sad news. Norman helped us out a bit when we were in the early days of FiLOS so we remember him well. Please pass on our regards and condolences to his family.

I was very saddened to hear about dear Norman and will also inform Rosemary when she comes in on Wednesday. I am sure it is a terrible loss to you all after all these years particularly given that he was such a reliable and fun team member to work with. Our thoughts are with all of you at this difficult time.

We were very sorry to receive your email regarding the death of Norman, he was extremely helpful to us and always very patient and kind, he will be sorely missed by all.

To all in the Cognito family, I am deeply saddened to read the news regarding Norman. We had not met but he was a priceless support to me in those early stages of working with the software. Such a gentleman, so kind and courteous. Although I have not spoken with Norman for a few years, I still have a very clear memory of his voice.

We were very sorry to read this Norman was always so very kind and patient with us and a source of all knowledge relating to the issues we faced We send our commiserations to Norman’s family

So very sorry to hear the sad news about Norman. He was such a cheerful, friendly and helpful man. Sincere condolences from us all at ########.

Please accept my condolences on the passing of Norman, he was a lovely man, and always very helpful, will miss teasing him.

We are all very shocked at the news. He was a lovely gentleman who was very helpful and friendly. He will be a miss to his friends and colleagues.

Many thanks for your email of the 3rd November informing us about the unfortunate passing of Norman Shakes. We read your email with much sadness given the help that Norman has given to this Firm over a considerable number of years. He was always pleasant and more than helpful and very much an assistance in the early days of using the software. His training in the early days of using Cognito was invaluable. We would indeed be grateful if you would let us have the name and address of Norman’s family in order that we can send something to them in order to express our condolences.

Just to say we were all saddened to read your email on Friday regarding the loss of Norman. I first encountered Norman just over 2 years ago when I first joined ######### and hadn’t got a clue how Filos worked. As time went by I thought of Norman as a friend and we often had a good chin-wag and laugh before he got round to ‘sorting me out’!. He will certainly be missed.

That was very sad news to end the week on. I had no inkling that Norman was ill, as we had no need to contact him for FILOS support for quite a few months. I have known him since I arrived here in 2001 for what I thought might be a 5-year early retirement stint and which has lasted longer than I expected. He was a “one-off” and was always helpful, even if I did try his patience, I suspect, on more than one occasion. The extent to which FILOS is understood and used widely here is a tribute to his initial introductory training rather than anything I added to the process. I will miss him too – I share your sadness. It always seems to be the good ones who leave us prematurely.

We’re so, so sorry to hear about Norman. He was such a genuinely lovely man who always had so much time for us here at Nicki’s offices. I hadn’t spoken with Norman for I think about 5-6 months so I wasn’t aware that he was unwell. Whenever I did contact Norman he just seemed so happy to help and resolve any situation, with a very chilled out manner which made us smile. We won’t forget Norman and will always have fond memories of him. Our thoughts are with you all.

So very sorry to hear that Norman has died. Roger set everything up for us here at ############ but I remember that Norman came once when we had a few problems. That was the only time I actually met him, but I spoke to him on several occasions as I always asked for either Norman or Carl. He loved talking about the Lake District whenever I called him for help.

I am so sorry to learn of his passing. He was a lovely man.

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