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Important information about your FiLOS Legal Ledger System

We hope you have found Legal Ledger to be a loyal and reliable servant over the years. Due to the technologies it was built on becoming legacy, it is not possible to alter Legal Ledger to work on more modern systems like Windows 7, 8 and 10. To ensure that you are not adversely affected by downtime in the unfortunately event of computer breakdown/replacement, or theft, we would encourage you to plan moving to our next generation of software, FiLOS. The large percentage of Legal Ledger Customers base have already moved to this mature offering, which is provided free of charge. Training is required to take advantage of the new interface and features and while chargeable, this is tailored to your requirements.

While there will be no further development on Legal Ledger, we will not force you to move. However we feel the risks of not updating grow every day. The important reasons for updating are:

1. Security

2. Future proofing - you cannot buy a computer that will run Legal Ledger any more

3. Keeping up to date with changes in the law

The new software and update process is completely free and is provided as part of your support contract. The Installation is also free of charge as long as it is carried out during normal support hours (9am - 5:00pm). There is no increase to your Licence and Support charges due to this installation (other than normal yearly uplift).

The process will take some time to complete and check during which time Legal Ledger will be accessible for read only purposes. It is difficult to say how long it will take as it varies from site to site due to data size but this can take up to a week. All other software packages will be unaffected and can be used as normal.

We will require use of the server (or workstation acting as server) for the duration of the installation which normally takes one to two hours. The installation will be carried out remotely using our remote access software. This will require someone at your office to load a web-site on the server and enter a PIN we supply.

If you wish to see the new version, please call to arrange an on-line session. You can DOWNLOAD the specification document for reference which explains the minimum requirements of the new software so you can check whether your hardware/software is compatible with the new version. Please contact us via the Support line or email if you wish to discuss anything contained in this letter or if you would like to check where your systems are compatible.

Yours sincerely,

Carl Daly Product Support Manager

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