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Since 1991 the Cognito Legal Software suite through continual development, has expanded from its original Legal Accounting Package through to the more complex Legal Case Management and Legal Practice Management Solutions that are now required by the modern forward thinking firm.

Cognito now boasts a variety of Legal Software Solutions, available as a fully managed cloud service to the legal sector with Cloud Computing, SaaS, Online Case Tracking facilities, Electronic Post Room, CRM and Marketing Solutions are all readily available helping to create the much desired paperless office.

Cognito has been developing and supplying specialist legal software to some of the UK's leading legal practices for nearly 20 years and in this time it has built up a vast wealth of knowledge both in its development and management teams which lters down into the support infrastructure ensuring the quality that you receive is always consistent.

Law Society Recommended Software Provider

In the last Law Society Software Solutions Guide, Cognito impressively received First Place Listings in the main categories, beating all other legal software providers.

Last Law Society Software Solutions Guide Results

•1st For Overall Satisfaction with Practice Management Solution

•1st For Ongoing Support to our Clients

•1st For Support

•1st For Services

•1st For Value

Mark Davies

  Operations & Technical Manager

Damon Naile

  Programming Co-ordinator & Senior Developer

Carl Daly

  Product Support Manager

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