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Thank you for your patience regarding the update to 3.6 of FiLOS. As you may be aware, The Data Protection Act 2018 has not yet finished its passage through Parliament but we are making available the update from Wednesday which we feel covers the points as they stand in the way we have interpreted them. We expect the guidance and implementation of the Act to be clarified and improved over the coming months and we will implement changes to accommodate these.

New Features

  • Data Protection Management Area (*)
  • Ability to 'Restrict' and 'Erase' data
  • New report giving details of data held


  • Only the DPO can action a restrict/delete
  • Users have an option to file a request for 'Restriction', 'Erasure', 'Rectification' or 'Access' (*)
  • A Client can only be Restricted if you are currently not undertaking any work for them, i.e. all their Matters are Archived
  • A Client can only be deleted if you are currently not undertaking any work for them and all matter’s destroy dates have passed
  • A restricted Client can be un-restricted
  • All activities are logged

The Data Protection Officer (DPO)

  • A User can now be selected as the DPO
  • This User will have access to the Data Protection Management Area (DPMA) (*)
  • Requests from Users can be viewed by the DPO and actioned (*)
  • The DPO can reject requests and state a reason which cannot be altered at a later date (*)


  • Restricted Clients/Matters have sensitive information encrypted (including documents) to prevent access on reports externally. Name remain visible
  • Restricted Clients/Matters can be searched for, however if a User tries to a access a restricted Client they are stopped
  • If the DPO tries to access a restricted Client

                -They are warned but allowed to continue if they wish

                -Data cannot be changed while restricted

                -No 'encrypted' data can be changed from any dialog


  • Deleted Clients/Matters have all documents deleted. Information that cannot be deleted due to internal data integrity is encrypted to form a secure data stub
  • Deleted Client/Matter secure data stub cannot be searched for or accessed

(* available in FiLOS only)

Please bear in mind that the changes that have had to be implemented have been substantial and wide ranging. It is possible that defects have been introduced at any place in FiLOS, despite the extensive testing, but we commit to addressing these as a priority if/as and when they are found.

If you would like to be updated please contact Support (on 0121 314 7745 or to arrange a date and time.

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