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Why doesn’t this site have a privacy policy that I can agree to?

This site does not store any cookies/information about yourself or your organisation. Therefore, we feel there is no point in agreeing to anything at all.

But the certificate icon shows you are using a cookie?

It does however use a cookie called _AntiXsrfToken which is a Microsoft Cookie. This cookie though does not store any information on yourself or your organisation.

How long does the cookie last?

The cookie lasts only while you are browsing this site and is deleted or expires from both your device and our web server once the session has completed.

So what is this cookie for?

_AntiXsrfToken is a cookie designed by Microsoft to combat cross-site request forgery.

OK so what is Cross-Site request forgery?

This is an attack that forces the end user’s device to perform an action without the user even knowing about it. Without this cookie an attacker could capture a common user interaction and generate a malicious script based on its finding.

Let’s just say it’s bad.

What about the contact page?

The contact page uses a function that converts the relevant fields into an email and simply send that email to the info address. Even that never stores anything. Sending an email, is exactly the same as an individual sending an email via Outlook or so.

Is that it?

So the long and short is, we do not hold any data whatsoever on anyone using this web site. There is no need to agree or disagree and therefore, we have not implemented any pop ups asking for you to agree to privacy terms.

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